1. Applicable for both annual and short period covers-Comprehensive as well as third party.
  2. Applicable to personal lines only-Motor, Home. Not for corporates or industries
  3. The referred person should not be an existing Madison Customer and should come as a “Direct customers” only
  4. Where there more than one referrer, the first referrer to send the reference will be considered as eligible for the campaign
  5. Corporate clients will be considered separately –not as part of campaign
  6. For a referrer to be eligible it is essential that the referred client is not our existing client
  7. Where the referred pays on installments, the benefit is on actual amount paid
  8. The rates charged would be the normal rate chargeable to a direct customer if the campaign was not in force including protecting their NCD if the client was eligible for the same
  9. We have the right to change or modify terms at our discretion and our decision will be final
  10. Any disputes will be referred through our normal claim redress process and will be subject to Arbitration law and laws of Zambia.