This is the amount that is deducted from each and every claim and born by the insured. The excess will eliminate all claims equal to or less than the excess. The excess may be compulsory or voluntary in which instance the insured’s premium is discounted.

When insured has held a driving license and driven for more than 2 years.

You are considered to be young driver below the age of 25 years and an older driver if you are above the age of 65 years. This increases the excess amount on your policy.

Yes, it is possible to insurer your spouse’s vehicle in your name or his/her name and you can also insurer it jointly if you have joint ownership of the vehicle.

No, however your policy can be extended to other countries at an additional premium at a specified period, usually per quarter.

Yes, but excludes political riot.

This is the amount that is deducted from a claim and is borne by the insured. This is usually applied on a claim involving old or wearable parts.

This is the amount of money that a client pays to buy insurance.

This is an individual or organisation that that joins into a claim between the insurance company and its client following a claim or accident

This is an insured event that leads to a claim. It cal be included or excluded from the policy depending on circumstances.

This is the maximum amount that can be paid in respect of a covered/insured event.

This is a situation where an old item (subject to wear and tear) is replaced with a new item.

This is the value or amount an insured item(s) is valued at.

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