Motor Claims (Insured/Third Parties)

  1. Completed Claim Form
  2. Original Admission of Guilt Receipt
  3. Police Report
  4. Copy of Driver’s licence
  5. Premium payment receipt
  6. Copy of motor certificate
  7. Three quotations from approved garages
  8. Inspection of Motor vehicle subject of claim

Third party Injury or Death

  1. Demand Letter
  2. Death Certificate
  3. Burial Permit
  4. Postmortem Report
  5. Order of Appointment of Administrator
  6. Full contact details of Administrator
  7. Copy of Deceased’s NRC / Birth record or Certificate for minors
  8. Copy of Administrator’s NRC
  9. Copy of last 2 pay slips for months prior to accident
  10. Letter from Employer (For those employed at time of death)
  11. Marriage Certificate of Deceased (If survived by spouse)

Non-Motor Claims

  1. Completed Claim Form
  2. Police report
  3. Three quotations
  4. Technical Report on Loss (All Electronic equipment)
  5. Payslip (For Group Personal Accident claims and Fidelity Guarantee claims)
  6. Death Certificate (For Group Personal Accident)
  7. Fire report from the local Fire department (For all Fire claims)