Not 1 but 3, MGen the biggest winners of the night

Madison General Insurance Company Zambia Limited (MGen) was the biggest winner at the 2021 insurance industry awards held at Ciêla resort on 19 November. MGen scooped the following awards;

  1. Customer Service of the Year
  2. Best Social Media Engagements
  3. Best fraud detection and prevention.

MGen’s first and most important core value is “Customer first”. This is evident from the way staff handle clients from the time they walk into any of our premises or engage with us through social media and the contact centre. Staff strive to serve customers to the best of their abilities, as a result, the best customer service award was accorded to MGen, affirming the customer first core value.

The use of social media to reach and service clients is a feature that MGen is proud of. The company boasts of the most followed social media pages in the industry and has used these channels to reach customers in far-flung areas and service them more efficiently. Additionally, the company has a full-fledged digital channels department that is responsible for servicing clients. The Best Social Media engagement award is a well-deserved indication of strides made on MGen’s social media platforms.

Fraud has been a challenge faced by all industries, the insurance industry is highly susceptible and therefore MGen has implemented various approaches to curb the vice.

  1. MGen is a pioneer in the implementation of a QR code as a security feature on our motor insurance cover notes. Apart from making it easier for clients to print cover notes on standard A4 plain paper from any location, each QR code is completely unique and contains policy information relating to that particular cover note.
  1. Policy validation via the MGen portal; this feature enables anyone to authenticate cover issued to a client.  

These three awards show the level of dedication MGen has to serve clients as efficiently as possible and the company promises to continue being the best in the industry.

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